Program Components

What Do We Offer?

  • Day Camps

    During the day camps, the girls take part in fun activities and challenges that mirror real world careers in STEM, and that encourages them to creatively solve problems using everyday objects. They build aqueducts to transport water, construct the bodies of aliens, ‘hacked’ into a system by solving codes, and more. Many of the students came away from the day camps excited to learn more about opportunities in STEM.

  • Fieldtrips

    Following the day camps, students are invited to take part in field trips to STEM organisations, so that they may meet Women in STEM and see how they work. Girls2Pioneers has conducted field trips to exciting places such as the Mechanobiology Institute, the Cancer Science Institute, and Infineon. Through the field trips, the girls get to learn things such as how cancer cells grow, how microchips are created by engineers, and how printers are designed by built!

  • Mentorships

    The Mentors of Girls2Pioneers are exceptional Women in STEM who are instrumental in engaging student interest, cultivating a passion for their respective fields and nurturing the next generation of innovators and researchers. Through face-to-face meetings or online platforms, our Mentors inspire and encourage youth, in particular young girls and women, to pursue alternative careers within these largely male dominated fields.


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